A tired dog is a happy dog!


Welcome to RunningDog! RunningDog is a program located in NE Ohio that allows runners to volunteer their time to take the homeless dogs out on running adventures. We are focused on raising adoption rates by doing our part to keep the kenneled dogs exercised. This program also allows the dogs to be as mentally stimulated and emotionally balanced as they can while waiting on their new homes.
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What is RunningDog?

A Volunteer Program!

You don't always have to pay a race registration fee to run for your cause! Our runners are involved in helping homeless dogs with every run.

A Growing Endeavor!

We started at one facility and in a short time have moved into several locations. We have plans on implementing this program in as many facilities as we can!

A Labor of Love!

Our runners are very passionate about what we do. We give these dogs something that no one else can.

A Running Team!

We run solo at our convenience, but also "Run with the Pack". We have group runs led by our RunningDog Runners that allow the dogs to socialize and learn to mingle with other dogs.

Alpha Runners

The Leaders of our Pack!

Tricia Rappe

Alpha Runner

Nicole Meyer

Alpha Runner

Heather Lautzenheiser

Alpha Runner

Adrienna Frazer

Alpha Runner

Brian Parker

Alpha Runner

RunningDog Blog

For the latest on all things RunningDog.

Running with the Pack

I want to tell you a story about how I lost my son, lost my mind and ultimately found a pack of dogs. It amazes ...

Area We Cover

RunningDog is currently operating in NE Ohio.

Would you like to have RunningDog in your area?

We would love to help!
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Want to "Run with the Pack"?

We offer a short orientation session monthly. We cover facility procedure, basic dog handling skills and best practices for running with a dog. Our program is active in 4 facilities in NE Ohio! Contact us for information on the RunningDog program nearest you!


RunningDog is a program that allows runners to volunteer their time to run the rescue dogs!
RunningDog2 days ago
It’s good for both ends of the leash!
RunningDog3 days ago
#AdoptThisDog - Trooper!

Trooper is a little known gem, except for by some of the RunningDog runners! To save everyone the badness, Trooper came from a very rough place and is been being rehabilitated at Maggie's Mission. Although not the typical running dog due to being blind and recuperating, he has been on numerous walks with some of the Running Dog Runners and has taken well to his time out. Make an appointment to see Trooper at Maggie's Mission today!
RunningDog5 days ago
Around Akron with Blue Green
Beverly Dillon founded RunningDog at One of a Kind Pets with a simple goal of letting the rescue dogs get out to exercise and enjoy life. The goal of any rescue dog is to find a forever home and when a dog is calm and relaxed from a run, it's much easier to find an adopter. From a simple idea to visit with the dogs and take them for a run, to a group of hundreds who run and support the rescue dogs in Akron, Ohio. RunningDog was featured on Episode 04 of Around Akron with Blue Green on Western Reserve PBS. Anyone at least 14-years-old who goes through an orientation, held monthly at One of a Kind Pets, can then run dogs at their convenience. Group runs are held every Friday night, where you can "Run with the Pack." Leashes, treats, waste-bags and support from staff and veteran dog runners are all provided to all those who want to run the dogs. Check out their March RunningDog Orientation! to join the group. If you are looking to exercise and want a running support group, look no further, Runningdog is the program you're looking for. Knowing that a dog is eagerly waiting to see you, will get you off the couch and out to get your exercise while giving a dog a chance to enjoy life. If you love to Running and love Dogs, you need to check this story out.
RunningDog1 week ago
RunningDog2 weeks ago
While we all love to get our four-legged friends out, we want to make sure to keep them safe as well. Stay warm out there!
RunningDog2 weeks ago

Drake is a male, 3-year old terrier mix who was rescued from a local animal control facility. He walks well on the leash, and would love to find a forever home! This boy is a RunningDog favorite, and during pack runs, it's a race to get to his kennel!

Brian, November's RunningDog Runner of the Month, recently ran with Drake for the first time. "I can see why he is a favorite. He is strong and likes to mark, but he runs great with little bother to anything. He has GREAT manners that surprised me. The first crosswalk we came to, I asked him to sit and without missing a beat, his butt was on the ground, waiting!"

Come see Drake at One of a Kind Pets!